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St. Mark's is a lively and diverse parish. Our Sunday services include dignified worship, excellent preaching, and beautiful music. The fellowship in our community is diverse, welcoming, and usually life affirming and fun! Our commitment to the hungry, the homeless, and the needy in our area has been sustained over many decades. Our educational programs are meant to meet young and old alike wherever they may be in their spiritual and faith journeys. The Episcopal Church has a tradition of encouraging people to learn and grow in ways which take both their intellect and their emotions seriously. Although we are grounded in our history and in a rich set of religious traditions, ours is a church which is open to questions, to new ideas, and to change when new social and cultural realities challenge us as individuals and as an institution. This slide show will give you glimpses of our community in worship, at work, at play, and in celebration of many of the landmark occasions of recent years.

Recent Weddings

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Naeko Heffner's Farewell - February 21, 2016


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St. Ann's Picnic



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