Adult Education

In our Adult Education series, which began on January 14, we have been focusing on the topic of “Christian Ethics.” In this series, we are using the concept of how our Christian moral center guides our response to our fellow humans, to the creation around us, and to our loved ones. We have been covering such topics as 1. The Role of Salvation History; 2. What is a “good” life? 3. “To whom are we accountable for our actions?” and 4. “How does the freedom we find in Christ impact our actions toward others?”  


Ethics after Easter

The book that has been guiding us through this discussion is Ethics After Easter, by Stephen Holmgreen, Episcopal Priest and Professor of Ethics and Moral Theology at Nashotah House Seminary in Wisconsin. Each Sunday morning we read brief passages of the book together, and then open the discussion and the floor to anyone who has thoughts and comments on the topic.


This subject and approach has proven to be stimulating for all. Please join us on any or all of the Sunday classes, held in the library at St. Marks at 9:00 am. This series will run deep into Eastertide.


Come and join us at the 9:00 hour in the library

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